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Maths Club

The aims of teaching and learning mathematics are to encourage and enable students to:

  • appreciate the usefulness, power, and beauty of mathematics
  • enjoy mathematics and develop patience and persistence when solving problems
  • understand and be able to use the language, symbols, and notation of mathematics
  • develop mathematical curiosity and use inductive and deductive reasoning when solving problems


  • To improve and bring out the hidden mathematical talents of the students
  • To promote enthusiasm and interest in mathematics among the students
  • select and apply appropriate inquiry and mathematical problem-solving techniques
  • recognize patterns
  • describe patterns as relationships or general rules
  • draw conclusions consistent with findings
  • justify or prove mathematical relationships and general rules.
  • use different forms of mathematical representation (formulae, diagrams, tables, charts, graphs, and models)
  • move between different forms of representation.
  • explain whether their results make sense in the context of the problem
  • explain the importance of their findings
  • justify the degree of accuracy of their results where appropriate
  • suggest improvements to the method when necessary.