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Heritage Club

I care for the wonders of nature that are mine to protect for the richness of culture that I promise to respect.

Heritage Club in the school is about discovering the culture and heritage of our country as well as other heritage sites around the world.

          Heritage Club is also an attempt to understand all aspects that makes the identity of our Indian civilization or any other civilization in the world. The main focus of the club is on places of importance of cultural or natural heritage as described in the UNESCO World Heritage Convention; discussions, presentations and activities on world heritage sites in India; importance of monuments, buildings, churches, mosques, tombs etc. and their ‘Conservation’; research on International Heritage Sites and its relevance and awareness programmes in school on how to protect and preserve our monuments and our Heritage Sites.


  • To Understand Who and what we are
  • • To become the first-stop for reference on any aspect of India’s cultural heritage;
  • • To generate and share knowledge among users with varying levels of interest and 
  • expertise;
  • • To provide a unique experience of Indian history and culture on the web through 
  • multimedia content and tools;
  • • To provide an inclusive space for dialogue among members of different communities 
  • and groups; and
  • • To become a forum for advocacy in the area of heritage conservation and revitalization.
  • To take pride in the unique diversity of India and its cultural identity.
  • For the heritage of India